Corporate income tax rate(s) IFRS accounting available (for all companies) Group taxation available Interest limitation (Thin Cap or EDITDA based) Witholdig tax on interest, dividend or royalty R&D/patent box incentive Loss carry-forward (years) Transfer pricing documentation liability Other comments, recent developments
Albania exempted/0%/15%/5% Y   Y Y   3 Tax exemption for 4 and 5-star hotels for a time span of ten years; 5% CIT rate for small turnover companys, for software and IT development, for “Entities of agriculture collaboration” and agritourism industry (for 10 years)
Austria 25%   Y   Y Y no limitation period Minimum tax of EUR 1,750 per year for GmbH
BH (Fed.) 10%/0%   Y Y Y Y 5 group taxation available
BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA (Rep.) 10%/0%       Y   5 0% for small taxpayers in Republika Srpska
Bulgaria 10% Y   Y Y   5 Tp documentation upon request by the tax authority
Croatia 18%/12% Y   Y Y Y 5 ATAD rules introduced
Czech Republic 19% Y   Y Y Y 5  
Estonia 20% Y   Y Y   N/A No classical income taxation. 20% is calculated 20/80 from net amount and applicable only for distributed profit and certain costs.
FYROM 10% Y   Y Y   3 FYROM has joined the Inclusive Framework on BEPS
Germany 15% Y   Y Y   no limitation period loss carry back
Greece 28% Y   Y Y Y 5 reduced CIT (from 29 to 28%)
Hungary 9% Y Y Y   Y 5 ATAD rules introduced
Kosovo 10%/9%/3%       Y   6  
Latvia 20% Y   Y     5 Special deferred taxation as from 2018. CIT payable upon distribution of profit, deemed profit or deemed dividends. Reinvestment of profits not subject to CIT. Tax losses, accrued until end of 2017, can be utilized until 2022 including.
Lithuania 15%/5% Y   Y Y Y no limitation period  
Montenegro 9% Y     Y   5  
Poland 9%/ 19%   Y Y Y Y 5 Exit tax (ATAD rules) also for individuals; Introduction of "Pay and Refund" mechanism with regard to withholding taxation; Taxation of virtual currencies; Less restrictive requirements concerning certifiate of residence. New tax incentives: ("Innovation Box" and preferential CIT rate for small taxpayers of 9%).
Romania 16%     Y Y Y 7 ATAD rules introduced
Russia 20% Y   Y Y Y no limitation period For the tax periods from 1st January 2017 to 31st December 2020 it is not allowed to offset tax losses exceeding 50% of the taxable profit for the respective tax period.
Serbia 15% Y   Y Y Y 5 New incentives for the IT industry. Expenses for R&D deductible for tax purposes in an amount double actually incurred. Also, 80% of income from the use of deposited IP rights may be exempted from tax.
Slovakia 21%     Y Y Y 4 Exit tax and special regime for patent box
Slovenia 19% Y   Y Y Y no limitation period ATAD rules introduced
Ukraine 18% Y   Y Y   no limitation period